Required Documents

We are planning to consolidate projects. Should we list the projects separately and list the ‘merged’ project on the intent form?


We’re new to the CoC and could use additional information about how to use e-Snaps.

  • There are step-by-step guides for each part of the process and detailed instructions for completing new and renewal applications. Go to Then click on the Continuum of Care in the menu box on the left.

DV Bonus Project

We are thinking about applying for a DV Bonus but need more information. Can you help answer questions for us?

  • The DV Bonus is new this year which naturally means new questions. Please review the NOFA and contact HUD AAQ if you have further detailed quetions.   Also, please note that the CoC can only apply for one of each project type listed on page 8 of the NOFA.  

Eligible Projects- New/Expansion

Can we apply for a new or expansion funds for an existing project that is not currently CoC funded?

  • If you currently have a CoC project, The NOFA allows you to expand the housing and services in a new project application.